Franklin County Historical Association


July 6, at 6 P.M.

We are traveling to the Mount Pleasant Public Library for a program on the development of Northeast Texas. This building houses the Titus County historical museum, which preserves and displays treasures which focus on life and times in Mount Pleasant and Titus County in years gone by, and features interactive displays such as a Caddo grass hut, a Civil War camp and a log cabin.

The museum opened in January 2013, at 601 Madison Avenue, across from City Hall. Traylor Russell first began collecting local history material in 1969, when the library moved into the old Post Office building at 213 North Madison. Since that time, families with local ties have donated many artifacts and memorabilia to the library collection.

Our January 5th meeting featured Melissa Weinbrenner and James McGregor, instructors at Northeast Texas Community College. Their presentation provided an introduction and preview to the Museum and its collection. Of course, the history of our neighboring county affected and was mixed with our own and will provide a fascinating look a the development of Northeast Texas.

We will tour the museum first and then a meal will be provided by our hosts at the museum facility. As always, we will have great door prizes! Those wanting to caravan or ride share, please meet at the east side of the square in Mt. Vernon at 5:30.

September 7, Labor Day, at 7 P.M.

We go to the Hagansport Community Center for a potluck dinner and a program to consist of tasting everyone's favorite heritage recipe. Bring your favorite and be prepared to share its story.

November 2, at 7 P.M.

We meet at the Masonic Lodge, with a potluck dinner and program presented by Mary Brooke Casad, author of Bluebonnet (A Texas Armadillo) and Her Three Sisters.


A Listing of the Members of the Board of Directors and the Officers of the FCHA, The Organization's Mission Statement, and Its Goals and Objectives


•Randall Higgins (2016)
•Pat Hudson (2016)
•B.F. Hicks (2018)
•John Tutor (2018)
•Cynthia Loftis (2018)
•Lillie Bush Reves (2017)
•Karen Smith (2017)
•Donna McFarland (2017) 


•President B. F. Hicks
•First Vice President Norm Horn
•Second Vice President Cynthia Loftis
•Third Vice President Donna McFarland
•Fourth Vice President Kay Howell
•Secretary Lillie Bush Reves
•Treasurer Mary Lou Russell
•Newsletter Editor Elaine Thomas
•Webmaster John Hicks


Our mission is to preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

We will promote our mission by striving for four goals:

1. We will further appreciation and preservation of our heritage through involvement of all ethnic groups in our community in our endeavors.

2. We will endeavor to promote the economy of our county and community through a special emphasis on heritage tourism.

3. We will act to acquire, maintain, and preserve artifacts and records of historic significance, as well as provide museums and exhibit areas to display and promote education and heritage tourism in Franklin County.

4. We will promote the participation of our youth in the activities of this association; we will strive through education to further appreciation of our natural and cultural heritage; we will serve as leaders to assure the youth of today carry our mission forward in generations to come.


1. All projects, exhibits and educational processes will relate to people, items, or events of historical significance to Franklin County. Artifacts and records will be determined to be of historic significance if they are 50 years or older. Homes and farmsteads will be determined to be of historic significance if built prior to 1918.

2. All projects will be prepared with a "Do It Right The First Time" mindset.

3. All projects will conform to the requirements specified by the Board of Directors.

4. Artifacts, records and, property which cannot immediately be determined to meet "historic significance" criteria will be reviewed by a committee to ascertain their historic value.

5. Develop, educate, and recognize employees and volunteer workforce.

6. Maintain all properties and grounds to set an example of "excellence."

7. Promote an attitude of pride within the community.

8. Recognize historic homes in Franklin County with historical signs if homes are maintained in the image consistent with our goals.

9. Acknowledge all donations by letter with a Gift of Deed document signed by the donor and an FCHA representative.

10. Review goals and objectives annually.