Franklin County Historical Association

Below: Members of the FCHA Who Helped with the 2017 Downtown Mount Vernon Halloween Candy Distribution and Open House at the Old Depot, for Seven Hundred Children and Their Family Members

Above: Office Personnel at Work in the 1912 Franklin County Courthouse

Welcome to the the online home of the Franklin County Historical Association. This website will help you get acquainted with our organization and with Franklin County, Texas.

If you want to get in touch, scroll to the bottom of the page for our mailing address and phone number; or send email to To find email and website links for other related organizations, just click on "Contacts and Links" in the menu to the left.

Below, you'll see a list of the Members of the Board of Directors and Officers of the FCHA, our Mission Statement, and our Goals and Objectives.

  • B.F. Hicks (2021) 
  • Cynthia Loftis (2021)
  • Steve Hammons (2021)
  • Pat Hudson (2019)
  • Robert Long (2019)
  • BeverlyMcPherson (2019)
  • Karen Smith (2020)
  • Lisa Lowry (2020)
  • Jason Burton (2020) 


  • President B.F. Hicks 
  • First Vice-President Jerald Mowery 
  • Second Vice-President Norm Horn 
  • Third Vice-President Joel Dihle 
  • Fourth Vice-President Chock Yates 
  • Secretary Lillie Bush Reves
  • Treasurer Mary Lou Mowery 
  • Newsletter Editor Elaine Thomas 
  • Webmaster John Hicks
  • Office Manager/Coordinator Gail Reed

Our mission is to preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

We will promote our mission by striving for four goals:

1. We will further appreciation and preservation of our heritage through involvement of all ethnic groups in our community in our endeavors.

2. We will endeavor to promote the economy of our county and community through a special emphasis on heritage tourism.

3. We will act to acquire, maintain, and preserve artifacts and records of historic significance, as well as provide museums and exhibit areas to display and promote education and heritage tourism in Franklin County.

4. We will promote the participation of our youth in the activities of this association; we will strive through education to further appreciation of our natural and cultural heritage; we will serve as leaders to assure the youth of today carry our mission forward in generations to come.


1. All projects, exhibits and educational processes will relate to people, items, or events of historical significance to Franklin County. Artifacts and records will be determined to be of historic significance if they are 50 years or older. Homes and farmsteads will be determined to be of historic significance if built prior to 1918.

2. All projects will be prepared with a "Do It Right The First Time" mindset.

3. All projects will conform to the requirements specified by the Board of Directors.

4. Artifacts, records and, property which cannot immediately be determined to meet "historic significance" criteria will be reviewed by a committee to ascertain their historic value.

5. Develop, educate, and recognize employees and volunteer workforce.

6. Maintain all properties and grounds to set an example of "excellence."

7. Promote an attitude of pride within the community.

8. Recognize historic homes in Franklin County with historical signs if homes are maintained in the image consistent with our goals.

9. Acknowledge all donations by letter with a Gift of Deed document signed by the donor and an FCHA representative.

10. Review goals and objectives annually.
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Franklin County Historical Association