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We're not into snake-oil sales. We're not just passing through. We're here to stay, with proven remedies.
We make a difference in Franklin County. Help us to cure apathy and indifference! Join us in the FCHA! Decide on the type of membership that you want, print and complete the form, and send it with your check to FCHA at the address below. If you want to join and to volunteer, we always need docents and workers. At the Firestation Museum, for instance, docents keep the museum open during stated hours during big events, but also during regular hours for occasional visitors. Sometimes you wait a while between visitors, but Volunteer Coordinator Ken Greer can show you how to access the Internet on your laptop at the Firestation Museum. You can browse or work while you wait!

Individual $15.00

Family $25.00

Patron $50.00

Sponsor $100.00

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Check here _____ if you would like to be contacted with information on becoming a volunteer at the museum, in the FCHA office, or at one of our other facilities.

Send Your Membership Application and/or Gift to:

P. O. Box 289
Mt. Vernon, TX 75457

More information on membership or on the Franklin County Historical Association: 903-537-2264 or
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